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Community organizations, non-profits, universities and faith groups have used Love Lived on Death Row to draw attention to the issues of forgiveness, reconciliation, restorative justice, capital punishment and domestic violence and how those issues affect their communities.

Please contact By the Brook Productions at bythebrookfilms(at) for EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNITY or LIBRARY USE.  Available for download only.

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The film attracted a lot of students from the Sociology and Criminal Justice classes as well as a class about Non-Fiction Film. Love Lived on Death Row is an excellent model for how documentaries do more than just entertain. This outcome was evident with the quality of questions and dialogue with the panel members about the larger issues of the death penalty, reconciliation, forgiveness, and healing."

– Beth Davison, Associate Professor of Sociology, Appalachian State University

"Love Lived on Death Row" is inspirational…a story well told. It can be used in classes, or to support student organizations that initiate justice campaigns on various issues.  It might be part of an ongoing domestic violence effort, or anti-death penalty efforts that are institutionalized at the law school.  These events often bring in people from outside of the law school." 

- Deborah M. Weissman, Professor of Law and Director of Clinical Programs, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Law

“...a powerful, poignant film about the healing powers of love and forgiveness, while also shining a light on the lack of compassion and logic in a justice system that can re-victimize people with the death penalty”  

– Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ, Author of Dead Man Walking and Death of Innocents; Honorary Doctor of Divinity, Washington and Jefferson College, Honorary Doctor of Laws from Mount Mary College in Milwaukee

"My 80 students who attended the (extra credit) screening were surprised to realize that the story impacted them. Many of them came away with a deeper realization that even in the most cruel of circumstances people can, and do, forgive. The overall effect was an overwhelming sense of compassion for all concerned.  As with all issues of justice, it's not about an issue, it's about people." 

- Loretta Fitzgerald, Theology Department Chair, Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School

“The film was an amazing presentation of the truly complicated nature of this issue.  It does not take sides in any direction, but did serve to set a stage for an in depth discussion that made room for all.  I highly recommend the film to any organization that would like a primer for thinking more critically about this topic.” 

– Dean Blackburn, Assistant Dean of Students, UNC-Chapel Hill