Sister Helen Prejean

" At a time when several states are under a moratorium or considering a moratorium on capital punishment, we need to see stories like this that show how people can actually be re-victimized by the death penalty."

- Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking,1993 Pulitzer Prize nominee,
1999 Nobel Peace Prize nominee


"A one-size-fits-all solution doesn't apply when it comes to recovery and healing for victims and it doesn't apply when it comes to accountability and redemption for perpetrators. This film can stimulate much broader thinking and discussion about these issues." – Jo Sanders, Executive Director, Family Violence and Rape Crisis Services

Love Lived on Death Row addresses several important issues that impact our society. On this page is partial list of organizations that are connected to these issues nationally and in North Carolina where the documentary was filmed. We hope that after seeing the film you will want to learn more about these issues and support these organizations in their work.

Domestic Violence

In North Carolina:

Domestic Violence Resources for Students

Domestic violence affects everyone – including students on college and university campuses in North Carolina. This resources provides students, many of whom are away from home, information on getting the help they need - CLICK HERE to LEARN MORE.

Restorative Justice

In North Carolina:

Capital Punishment

In North Carolina: